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Self-Guided WALKING Tours


Our walking tours will give you the freedom to explore a destination at your own pace. You can start our walks at any time and stop whenever and wherever you like, for as long as you like. The app uses your location to play audio automatically, at exactly the right time and place. It also gives you directions, making it much easier to put your phone away and immerse yourself in your surroundings, not the screen.

Self-Guided DRIVING Tours

 Using your phone's GPS capability, our driving tours point out the nearby attractions that are worth a look and provide entertaining stories about history, geology, legends, local tips, and directions as you drive. Automatic audio with turn-by-turn directions means all you need to do is to turn on the tour and drive. Get all the benefits of a guided tour and the freedom to drive yourself.

Benefits over Live Guides and Group Tours

  • FULLY-AUTOMATIC: Each point of interest along the tour has a narrated story, narrated directions, and helpful images. As you walk along the path and approach a pin, it’s story will automatically pop up and start playing.

  • FASCINATING STORIES: Engaging and entertaining story about each point of interest-professionally narrated and prepared by local guides.

  • FREEDOM TO TRAVEL: No scheduled tour timings, no crowded groups, and no rush to move along past stops that interest you.

  • SAVE A TON: No “per person” tickets for guided tours! No tips per person.

  • INSIDE EACH ATTRACTION: Visualize what you cannot see. Most stops have images, and some have animated gifs from different centuries, seasons, or for interior rooms.

  • TAKE THE STORY HOME: Enjoy the tour before, during, and after your visit. Easily create an album or share the images & stories with your friends and family.

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GPS Self-Guided Audio Tours

Like a personalized, fully guided, driving and walking tour!
Our Tours
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