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Our tour guide apps offer - part live guide, part guidebook, and part map. They’re designed as “pocket pals” that will literally guide you from place to place, while telling what you’re looking at and why you’re looking at it. Our stories are put together by locals, narrated by professionals, and tested extensively by our team. Since 2015, our tours are used by over a million users per year. 

We’re always looking to improve our product and would love to hear from you. 


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Before Purchase

Phone and Device questions

Wi-Fi and GPS-related questions

Battery and charging questions

Launch and start questions

During the tour questions

Before Purchase


1] Are there any charges to download the app?

Maybe, since our apps are sold in various ways:

On the Apple App Store and Google Play Store:

  • Most apps are free to download. You will get two options within each app download:

    • A free demo tour with a few stops, so you can see if the app is right for you, and

    • A full tour (with all of the stops) that requires an in-app purchase

  • Some tours require payment before downloading. These tours provide the full tour content from the get-go and do not require any additional in-app purchases.

On online travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc:

  • You must buy a tour password from the travel website. 

  • Within 60 minutes, you’ll get an email with a unique password and a link to download the app.

  • After the app download & launch, enter the password and start the tour.

  • There are no additional in-app purchases necessary.


On :

  • You buy a tour password from the website. 

  • This will give you a unique password and a link to download the app.

  • After the app download & launch, enter the password and start the tour.

  • There are no additional in-app purchases necessary.

2] On Apple App Store/Google Play Store: What comes with a free demo v/s with in-app purchase?

  • What comes with the FREE Demo app?


  1. Map with a guided routing line.

  2. List of all the stops that you will come across on the tour.

  3. Preview: A few fascinating stories with professional narration, stops with images, videos, or gifs, and transcripts if you prefer to read instead of listening.

  • What comes with the in-app purchase?

  1. All of the above features.

  2. Full access to all the stories.

  3. GPS Automatic Play for the stories (if supported).

  • Where does your travel info come from?


Local sources and professional guides or writers. Our stories are filled with history, legend, and fun facts. The aim is to create an overarching theme that keeps you interested throughout the tour, rather than simply throwing dates and facts at you at each site. Our focus is on answering one essential question: “Why should you care about this site?”

  • Who creates your audio tours?


We do! We identify interesting places around the world, draft up a tour route, and then write out the most interesting stories. Then we work to make it all fit together and to be INTERESTING! Once the script is final, we narrate it, publish it, and test it. And then it goes live for you!


  • How is the app different from a guide book?


The app is a guide, an interactive GPS map, an audio guide, and a picture book, all in one. You’ll get the best of all of these in one place. The app is laid out and narrated just as a real guided tour would be - with a focus on the stories of a place, rather than just dates and facts. We’ve got tons of information - everything a guidebook has, and more. Plus, the mapping features help you to know exactly where you are and where you need to go!


  • Does the app contain advertisements?


Nope! There are too many ads in our life already — we don’t need to add them here too!


  • What languages does the app support?


Based on the popularity, we support different languages. The app’s description will list the supported languages. If your desired language is not there, be sure to let us know! We will be more than happy to add it based on the demand.


  • Are there any age restrictions for tour apps?

No. They’re written with a lot of care to be totally family friendly. Plus, the design is age-friendly too: the GPStriggered tours have no buttons to press once you start it while non-GPS tours show you a route line and stop numbers to follow. In short, anyone can use our tours, whether they’re a schoolchild or a grandparent!


  • Is the app easy to use?


Absolutely! We’ve designed it to be as easy as possible. (In fact, we first created our app layout for a museum that got mainly older visitors, so it was critical that the design be extremely simple).


If you don’t like a feature, or can’t figure out how to use it, please let us know. We will improve them in future iterations!


  • What are the special features for those with sight, hearing and mobility impairments?


The app tours have full audio narration for those who want to listen and script text for those who want to read.


Plus, each stop has high quality photos that can be enlarged for a closer look.


  • I can’t find my city/vacation destination. What cities will be covered in your upcoming versions?


We add about one new tour per week. Please contact us and tell us what you’d like to see next! (We may even send it to you for free for beta testing, if you’re willing!)


  • Can I listen to a purchased guide more than once?


Yes! In fact, we recommend downloading the app tour at your home/hotel first so you can explore it before you’re onsite. And that gives you the chance to properly download and load everything while in WiFi. Plus you can listen to a few stops and make sure your travel plans fit with the approximate length of the tour. You can always take the tour in multiple pieces or more than once.


Phone and Device questions


  • On what type of devices can I download the tour? 

The tour will work on all iPhone's and most Androids. Some older phone models or tablets may experience GPS issues if they don’t have a GPS chip, or have a lower quality one. (Try running Google Maps to figure out if you have accurate GPS!) 

Pro tip: If your device doesn’t have accurate GPS, please keep your wifi ON (even if it isn’t connected to any network). You may get a better result. 

  • Can I transfer the app between devices? 

The app is tied to your account. So if you have multiple devices that are connected to the same account, you’ll be able to access the app on all of those devices. However, you will not be able to transfer the app from one account to another account. 

  • Does having an iPhone vs Android phone affect the working of the app? 

Both iPhone's and Androids work just fine! If your device is experiencing issues, it might be because it’s an older model that may not support certain features. Or perhaps you don’t have the latest software upgrade. These may not be major problems - just give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll try to clarify and resolve the issue right away.


Wi-Fi and GPS-related questions


  • Does the app work offline? 

Yes. You’ll have to download the app and the tour when you have either a wifi or data connection. Open the first stop’s page (welcome page) or the map page. After that, it is all offline. The audio works offline. The images and videos work offline. The GPS works offline. If your device is an older model and experiencing some issues, please reach out to us so we can resolve the issue.


  • Do I need WiFi or cellular or data signal? I don't want roaming costs!


You only need WiFi or signal for the initial app and tour download, and tour loading Once that’s done, you can be totally offline and still be able to use it perfectly. That also applies to the GPS-sensing features of the apps! 

  • Why won’t the tour download properly? 

If the download is very slow or will not finish, then the issue is most likely with the wifi or cellular connection in your area. Please double-check the connection on your device. Since most tours are under 100MB, it should not take too long to download or take up too much space on your device. Some long driving tours are over 100MB (there’s a lot of ground to cover - literally and figuratively!) so those may naturally take a few minutes to download. If you continue to experience issues, please reach out to us.


Battery and charging questions


  • What is the best way to keep my phone charged? 

If you’re walking or biking, take an extra battery pack. If you don’t have one, conserve your phone’s battery by closing other apps, turning on Battery Saver mode, and turning down the screen brightness. 

If you’re driving, simply plug the phone in the charger port. 

  • Do I need to bring a car charger?

Yes. Or, take an extra battery pack.

Launch and start questions


  • How does the tour work? 

The app is a combination of live guide, guidebook, and an interactive map. You’ll see all of the points of interests at the site and a route to go from one to the next. As you reach a point of interest, the narration will automatically begin. 

When the story pops up and the narration begins, you’ll be able to see an image (or images), read the transcript, fast- forward/rewind, and more. 


  • How do I preview the tour before I go? 

You don’t have to rely on the GPS triggering to launch the narration for each story. You can manually review every stop by tapping on the pin on the map or on the title in the list view. 

  • Where does the tour start? 

We recommend starting with the first stop, the Welcome. This will introduce you to the tour and how the app works. From there, you can choose to go in order or jump around as needed. 

  • Do I have to start from the first stop? 

We recommend at least listening to the Welcome so you know how the app works. But you can actually start anywhere and follow whatever order you wish! 

  • Do I have to do the tour in a sequence or an order? 

You can follow your own path. Of course, keep in mind that the script might reference something mentioned earlier in the tour or may give directions for the next stop. 

  • Do I need to take anything with me? 

Take an extra battery pack if you have one. GPS and camera apps use a lot of power, so an extra battery pack is helpful. 


  • Do I have to be on location to take an audio guide tour? 

Nope! You can sit on your couch and manually trigger each stop (tap on the pin on the map or the title in the list). 

  • What is the best way to listen to the audio? 

For a walking tour, use headphones. For a driving tour, plug your phone into the vehicle or connect to the audio system via Bluetooth. 

During the tour questions


  • Do the tours provide directions? 

Yes. You can see a route line connecting one pin to another. Many of the stop audios will also tell you what to do next. 

  • Is there a time limit to use the tour? 

Nope! Once downloaded, you’ll have the tour forever. Test it out ahead of time, just so you’re comfortable with how it works before you get there. 

  • What will I hear in the audio tours? 

You’ll get to hear engaging and dynamic stories for each stop: a mix of history and humor. It’s not just going to be dates and names and construction details; instead, you’ll get to hear about why you should be interested in that particular place!

Tech Support questions


  • Should I try rebooting? 

Turn it off and on again: the first rule of problem solving! 

  • What should I do if I’m experiencing a problem while using the downloaded tour? 

Contact tech support on this page. We’ll help you out! 



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